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This game was created as a submission to Eevee's GAMES MADE QUICK???.

Day of Eevee is a Commodore 64 game about Eevee's birthday. Play three separate mini-games to earn medals. Each mini-game has a secret alternate solution!

Day of Eevee requires a joystick and a floppy disk drive. (Both are available in VICE.)

While I've made Commodore 64 games and utilities before, this is the first C64 game I've developed to the point of being playable. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen difficulties (the executable size limit and CPU speed), I only had time to implement three of the four planned mini-games, and didn't manage to add self-playing mode.


Commodore 64 Floppy Disk Image 170 kB
Source Code (7-Zip) 165 kB
Source Code (GZipped Tarball) 296 kB
Source Code (Zip) 315 kB

Install instructions

To play Day of Eevee in the VICE emulator, run this command:

x64 "Day of Eevee.d64"

To play in your browser, click here, then click on the floppy disk icon, and select 'Day of Eevee.d64'.

To run on any other emulator or an actual Commodore 64, insert the floppy disk and type these commands:

LOAD "*",8,1

To compile from source, simply run the build.sh script. This requires cc65, c1541 (VICE), xcf2png, Python, 7-Zip, and ImageMagick.


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Dear ookiepigster, may I please re-share your free games (not jist this one :) on my github project page?  More details about the project in my profile --> https://retrobrews.itch.io/. Thank you in advance! Retro Fan