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This game was created as a submission to Eevee's GAMES MADE QUICK??? 1½.

EV4DE (pronounced ‘evade’) is a game about flying a ship through space and avoiding asteroids. Play three different game modes, unlock additional ships, and get a high score!

EV4DE can be played with a keyboard, but I strongly recommend using a joystick or gamepad.

System Requirements

Operating systemMS-DOS or compatible (FreeDOS, DOSBox, etc.)
Hard drive≥512KB free
CPU≥30MHz x86 or compatible
Display320×200, 16 colours, 256K graphics memory
InputKeyboard required, joystick recommended


EV4DE (74 kB)
EV4DE source code (26 kB)
EV4DE source code (original jam submission) (26 kB)

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